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Vino Drill™: Electric Battery Corkscrew

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 Experience effortless wine opening with the innovative Vino Drill™! Say goodbye to manual struggles and enjoy a smooth and seamless uncorking experience with just the touch of a button. The soft-touch battery-powered design, combined with the non-stick worm, guarantees effortless extraction of the cork, leaving you to savor every drop of your favorite vintage. Get the convenience of battery power and the satisfaction of a perfect pour every time, with the Vino Drill™.


Disclaimer: This product is intended for use as an accessory related to the consumption or handling of alcoholic beverages. It is your responsibility to use this product safely and responsibly. Ethos Kitchenware shall not be held liable for any misuse, improper handling, or adverse consequences resulting from the usage of this product.
Please ensure that you are of legal drinking age in your jurisdiction before purchasing and using this product.