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Presley Light Blue Tea Kettle by Pinky Up

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Make a statement in your kitchen with Pinky Up's Presley Light Blue Tea Kettle, a bright and shiny gem that's worthy of constant display. This elegant and stylish kettle is not only a stunning addition to any kitchen decor, but also highly functional with a generous 70 oz capacity and a whistle that alerts you when the water is ready. Suitable for use on all cooking surfaces, it's a versatile and convenient choice that can be used for any hot beverage or culinary need.

The heat resistant handle ensures safe and comfortable handling, while the sleek and modern design makes it a beautiful and eye-catching centerpiece. Order Pinky Up's Presley Light Blue Tea Kettle now and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your tea or coffee routine.

  • 70 oz capacity
  • Whistles when water is ready
  • Works on all cooking surfaces
  • Heat resistant handle