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Kitchen Supplise Glass Lid Multi Tiers Kitchen Cookware Steamer Set

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Introducing the versatile and high-quality stainless steel steamer set, composed of 1 pot, 2 steaming pots, 2 chambers, and a lid. You can use it as a stockpot or combine its components to create different steamers.

The steamer is made of top-notch stainless steel, which conducts heat efficiently, while the tempered glass in the center of the lid adds extra heat-resistance. With a capacity of 8qt in the bottom layer and 3.6QT in the top two layers, this steamer allows you to cook a variety of ingredients at once. The arched lid design provides additional cooking space for added convenience.

The bottom of the steamer is designed with a 3-layer composite material that evenly distributes heat, making it compatible with a range of stovetops, including induction, electric, and gas.

With 2 steaming grids featuring a special reflux design, this steamer makes cooking faster and more energy-efficient. Use it as a stockpot or a steamer to meet all your cooking needs.



Color: Silver