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Glass FREEZE™ Martini Glass by HOST® (set of two)

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Whether you prefer your martini shaken or stirred, the Glass Martini FREEZE™ Cooling Cup is the perfect solution for keeping it at the perfect temperature. The innovative design of this cup features a double-walled chamber filled with HOST®'s proprietary cooling gel that freezes solid, providing excellent thermal insulation that keeps your drink cold for longer. No more worrying about your drink becoming too warm before you've had a chance to finish it. With the Glass Martini FREEZE™ Cooling Cup, you can enjoy your martini at its optimal temperature from the first sip to the last.

  • For a cold drink that lasts, freeze HOST® Glass Martini FREEZE™ Cooling Cups for at least two hours to keep your drink between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep the HOST® Martini FREEZE™ Cooling Cups in the freezer so they are ready to go when you are.
  • Inside the glass walls of HOST® Glass Martini FREEZE™ Cooling Cups lies our proprietary cooling gel. This gel was precisely engineered in house to keep any beverage the perfect temperature for hours.
  • Each cup is constructed with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling.
  • The set includes two HOST® Glass Martini FREEZE™ Cooling Cups. 
  • Each cup can comfortably accommodate 9 ounces.
  • Hand wash only.
  • For the best results, place the Glass Martini FREEZE™ upside down in the freezer for 2 hours to allow the gel to evenly spread and freeze.
Disclaimer: This product is intended for use as an accessory related to the consumption or handling of alcoholic beverages. It is your responsibility to use this product safely and responsibly. Ethos Kitchenware shall not be held liable for any misuse, improper handling, or adverse consequences resulting from the usage of this product.
Please ensure that you are of legal drinking age in your jurisdiction before purchasing and using this product.