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Solid Rustic Reclaimed Wood - Coffee Table

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 Introducing our exquisite retro-style wooden coffee table, the perfect choice for adding a rustic touch to your home decor.

Crafted from solid reclaimed wood, this table showcases the unique characteristics of various woods such as mahogany, teak, mango wood, and acacia. The legs and table top boast the rich history of these materials, featuring cavities left by nails, screws, or bolts, along with other imperfections that underline the authenticity of the wood. Each piece originates from naturally fallen trees, wooden boats, and wooden houses, making it truly one-of-a-kind. The rugged, industrial style is further enhanced by a recycled galvanized iron barrel, ensuring sturdiness and adding a touch of vintage charm.

Embrace the distinctive look of this fully handmade table, as signs of wear and the craftsmanship present in every detail contribute to its spectacular vintage style. With every step of the process executed with the utmost care, assembly is a breeze.

Please note that each coffee table is unique, as the colors may vary from piece to piece. Embrace the beauty of randomness and let the delivery surprise you with a truly individualized piece.

Material: Solid reclaimed wood + galvanized iron Dimensions: 35.4" x 19.7" x 13.8" (L x W x H) Handmade with meticulous craftsmanship Easy assembly for your convenience. 

Color: Brown