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WILD-WIND X4N Portable Camping Stove

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Experience the ultimate cooking system with our WILD-WIND X4 backpacking stove. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this stove offers exceptional performance and convenience for your wilderness adventures. The large 1.4 liter POT provides ample cooking capacity for meals that can satisfy the appetites of two people. Despite its generous size, the stove weighs only 15.5 oz, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. You can conveniently pack the stove base and a 230g canister (sold separately) inside the POT and fold its handle to save valuable pack space.


  • Fast boiling to save fuel: The X4 stove is equipped with an improved high-efficiency burner and heat exchanger, allowing it to boil 0.5 liters of water in just 2.5 minutes. This remarkable speed helps conserve fuel, as the stove saves up to half the fuel compared to traditional systems. Spend less time waiting for your food to cook and more time enjoying your outdoor activities.

  • Reliable ignition in tough terrains: The X4 backpacking stove features a safe and reliable built-in piezoelectric igniter. With a simple click of a button, the stove ignites instantly, even in cold weather and high altitudes. Whether you're simmering soup, heating dehydrated meals, or making coffee, the easy simmer control allows you to adjust the heat from a light simmer to a full boil with precision.

  • Safe and durable in use: The X4 stove is crafted with a hard-anodized aluminum POT that can withstand the rigors of the backcountry. It comes with a neoprene cozy for added insulation and protection. The foldable handle ensures safe handling while minimizing the risk of accidents. Please note that the stove is compatible with most canisters, except for the COLEMAN.

Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the WILD-WIND X4 backpacking stove. Whether you're embarking on a multi-day hiking trip or enjoying a weekend camping adventure, this stove will be your reliable companion. Enjoy fast boiling, reliable ignition, and safe handling in the toughest terrains. Upgrade your outdoor cooking gear with the durable and high-performing WILD-WIND X4 stove.